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The Knobby A "must have" golf accessory, for ALL golf enthusiasts.

It is all very simple. For years we thought a product needed to be brought to the market that would allow you to carry that extra club to the green or from the cart to your ball, without the worry of leaving clubs behind. Lets face it, golf clubs left behind is annoying, time consuming and interrupts play. A product that would keep your grips dry and clean by keeping them off the wet ground. We all know a slippery grip is unsafe and definitely not good for your game. A product that was lightweight, simple and strong.  That product is here. We have designed a golf accessory that will be the most important item in your golf bag. That proverbial 15th club if you will.

The Knobby 

Our Product

The Knobby is meticulously machine crafted, here in the USA using 304 stainless steel, so it will never rust and will last a lifetime. The design allows you to easily slip the Knobby into your golf bag. The club rest area is precision dipped, with a thick rubber coating to keep golf clubs from slipping and prevent scratching. With four great colors to choose from, there is a Knobby for everyone. The perfect golf accessory. The design allows for multiple clubs to be held by the Knobby while you plan that perfect shot.

Proudly made in the USA

Customize the best golf accessory for your golf clubs. Add your business name, organization, clubs name, charity or benefit to The Knobby by adding your name and/or logo. The knobby is made to last a lifetime and will be a conversation starter wherever it goes.

Custom Orders

Hosting an event?

 Looking for a new take-away with your name and/or business logo?

Tired of the same old water bottles and tee-shirts? Let us help you customize the best golf accessory for your golf clubs,

to meet your needs. The Knobby is built to last a lifetime and will be a conversation starter, wherever it goes. 

Corporate events, fundraisers, benefits, family reunions, the name of your club or just for fun. The possibilities are endless. Find out how we can customize The Knobby, with your name and/or logo today.

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There's much to see here. So, take your time, look around, and learn all there is to know about us, and what will be your favorite golf accessory for your golf clubs out on the course. We hope you enjoy our site.